Claims Management

BCMEA WCB Claims Management Policy

The BCMEA is committed to the philosophy that all employees legitimately injured in the industry are entitled to applicable benefits from the WCB. The industry will cooperate to ensure that claims information is filed in an expeditious manner such that no undue delay in benefit entitlement results from our activities. If injured employees require assistance on special programs to enable them to return to work in an expeditious manner, the BCMEA will assist in arranging such programs with employers in the industry wherever possible. 

BCMEA Claims Management Services for Member Companies

  • Consultation and support on any claims issue
  • Letters of Protest on claims
  • Assistance with WorkSafeBC claim investigation
  • Liaison assistance with WorkSafeBC
  • Written submissions on Reviews and Appeals
  • Representation at Oral Hearings at WCAT
  • Participation in WorkSafeBC monthly claims review meetings
  • Reviews and advice on Relief of Costs issues and ROC Submissions
  • Advocacy on Policy Issues
  • Disability Management assistance


BCMEA Claims Manager Bill Blackler is available for any WSBC inquiry.



WorkSafeBC Claims Resources

Claims Reporting

To learn more about how to start a claim for compensation for a work-related injury or disease, visit the Claims section of the WorkSafeBC website at


WorkSafeBC Teleclaim Service


Workers Compensation Act

Although the waterfront is a federally-regulated workplace, all compensation for work-related injury or illness is administrated at the provincial level by WorkSafeBC. The Workers Compensation Act establishes the policies and procedures that must be adhered to following an injury or illness to ensure workers receive suitable compensation.


WorkSafeBC Assessment Policy Manual



The Waterfront Occupational Health and Safety System (“WOHSS”) is a database system containing information pertaining to accidents and injuries which occur on the waterfront to longshore employees, foremen and staff of direct employer members of the BCMEA and WFEA. It has been developed by the BCMEA as an initiative to address the industry’s foremost objective of preventing accidents and injuries on the waterfront. The system also assists employers to submit the appropriate incident reports to the various regulatory agencies.

WOHSS can be accessed at:


Please contact Vahid Farschi if you require a user name / password to access WOHSS.

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