BCMEA’s Finance department provides unique solutions to meet the unique needs of our customer members. 

Dock operators, terminal operators, stevedores, ship owners and agents all have distinct operations, and member companies are often in direct competition with each other.  But as a group, our customer members recognize a shared goal in attracting cargo to the West Coast of Canada, rather than have the business go to the real competition elsewhere.  This is where BCMEA plays a significant role in assisting our members maintain a competitive edge.

BCMEA provides members with a range of services – recruitment, training, dispatch of labour, and a full suite of services in human resources.  On the financial side, BCMEA provides a unique solution in terms of payroll and benefits processing. 

Because employment on the waterfront is primarily on a day-to-day basis, an employee may work at more than one terminal in the same week. BCMEA, through its collective nature, is able to consolidate the payroll, providing cost efficiencies for both the terminal employer and employee.  This model extends to the benefits side as well.  The consolidation of the payroll enables employees to get a single pay cheque from the BCMEA rather than individual pay cheques from different employers.

BCMEA’s direct payroll on behalf of customer members exceeded 500 million dollars for more than 6 thousand employees in 2015.


In addition, the Asia-Pacific Gateway is a huge economic driver for Canada’s economy.  With our customer members, BCMEA contributes to the national economy with a total gross domestic product impact of 8 billion dollars a year.   Our mission is to provide a cost-competitive solution to our customer members so that they can market to overseas companies.

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